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Nestlé Purina B2C Platform - Strategic Conceptualization for Enhanced Dog Care

Lead Strategist and Digital Concept Developer


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Project Overview

Tasked with pioneering a direct-to-consumer web platform for Nestlé Purina, the project aimed to create a primary touchpoint for dog owners. This platform was designed to assist in managing dog care, fostering community connections, and facilitating the purchase and management of Purina products, all while maintaining harmony with Purina’s B2B relationships.


Problem Statement

With a predominant B2B business model, Nestlé Purina faced the challenge of entering the B2C space without disrupting existing retail partnerships. The goal was to leverage Purina’s extensive market research to identify and execute strategic opportunities for a direct customer engagement platform that adds value for dog owners.

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My Process

  1. Problem Framing Exercise: Synthesized dozens of market research documents to form a cohesive understanding of dog owners' needs and Purina's unique position to meet them.

  2. Strategic Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive audit of Purina-owned websites and identified key strategic opportunities for integrating services in a way that supports both new and existing customer journeys.

  3. Market Strategy Integration: Incorporated Purina’s relationships with breeders and veterinarians into the platform's market strategy, ensuring a holistic approach to dog care.

  4. Service Conceptualization: Developed detailed user journeys for the web platform and a companion mobile app, covering critical moments in a dog owner’s journey, from searching for a puppy to adapting to life with their new pet.


Solutions & Key Features

  • Comprehensive B2C Web Platform: A central hub for dog owners to manage care, connect with the community, and access Purina products.

  • Integration with Existing Services: Seamlessly connects with, breeder, and veterinarian services to provide a unified customer experience.

  • Mobile Application: Features tailored experiences for prospective and new dog owners, guiding them through the process of welcoming and caring for their puppy with personalized content and recommendations.

  • Strategic E-commerce Implementation: Designed to enhance the direct purchasing experience while respecting and complementing existing B2B relationships.

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Customer Journey Map

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Tools & Techniques

  • Tools Used: Utilized a variety of strategic analysis and UX design tools, including market research synthesis tools, customer journey mapping software, and prototyping tools like Sketch and InVision.

  • Techniques: Employed strategic planning methodologies to navigate the complexities of integrating B2C offerings within a primarily B2B business model, ensuring a seamless transition and value creation for both dog owners and retail partners.

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The strategic initiative laid the groundwork for a novel B2C platform that aligns with Nestlé Purina’s vision of offering comprehensive care solutions to dog owners. The project's phased approach ensured a deep understanding of customer needs and strategic market positioning, setting the stage for a successful service launch.



This project highlighted the importance of strategic foresight in navigating the transition from B2B to B2C models, especially in maintaining partner relationships while innovating direct customer engagements. It demonstrated the value of integrating deep market insights with digital strategy to conceptualize services that truly meet user needs.

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