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Streamlining Vacation Rental Management for LeisureLink

Lead Consultant and Development Team Manager



Project Overview

Engaged as a consultant to spearhead the creation and launch of a property listing service for LeisureLink, a Series D venture-backed startup. The project aimed to develop a cloud-based platform enabling property managers to effortlessly list and manage multiple rental properties across major booking services like Airbnb, VRBO, and


Problem Statement

The challenge was to design and implement a user-friendly and efficient platform that could centralize the management of rental listings, bookings, rates, and assets, thereby addressing the needs of property managers to increase visibility and bookings across multiple channels.




My Process

  1. User Experience Design: Led the design of intuitive listing pages and backend management tools, focusing on ease of use and functionality to support property managers in their daily operations.

  2. Software Development Leadership: Managed a team of 8 software engineers, guiding the development process from design translation to application deployment within the LeisureLink ecosystem.

  3. Feature Definition and Implementation: Worked closely with stakeholders to define essential features for listing creation, booking scheduling, rate setting, and asset management.

  4. Testing and Iteration: Oversaw the testing phase, ensuring the platform met all functional requirements and delivered a seamless user experience.

  5. Launch and Deployment: Led the effort to integrate the new service into LeisureLink's larger software ecosystem, facilitating a smooth launch and operational transition.


Solutions & Key Features

  • Unified Listing Management: Developed a centralized platform for property managers to create and manage listings across multiple booking sites, streamlining the process of updating information and rates.

  • Comprehensive Management Tools: Designed backend tools that allow for detailed scheduling, rate management, and asset publication, including photo uploads and property descriptions.

  • Seamless Integration: Ensured the platform integrated smoothly with major rental services, enhancing property visibility and booking potential.

  • Scalable Architecture: Created a scalable and reliable software architecture capable of supporting a growing number of listings and transactions.



Tools & Techniques

  • Tools Used: Utilized modern software development frameworks and design tools, including Sketch and Axure for UI/UX design, and agile project management methodologies to ensure timely delivery and responsiveness to feedback.

  • Techniques: Emphasized user-centered design principles and agile development practices to rapidly iterate on the platform based on user feedback and testing results.





The successful deployment of the property listing service within LeisureLink's software ecosystem marked a significant advancement in rental property management, leading to improved operational efficiency for property managers and increased bookings through better market exposure.



This project highlighted the importance of deeply understanding the operational challenges faced by property managers in the vacation rental industry and the role of technology in providing scalable solutions. It affirmed the value of cross-functional collaboration and agile methodologies in bringing complex software products to market.

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