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Revitalizing CloudEstate - Designing a User-Centric Asset Management Platform

Design and User Experience Consultant


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Project Overview

Tasked with the comprehensive rebranding and redesign of CloudEstate, a web-based asset management platform for real estate investment funds. The project aimed to overhaul the platform's user experience and visual identity to address issues of usability and performance.


Problem Statement

CloudEstate struggled with a user interface that was difficult to navigate and suffered from slow performance, hindering the efficiency of asset management for its users. The challenge was to create a more intuitive, fast, and visually cohesive platform that would streamline the user experience.

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My Process

  1. User Experience Audit: Conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing platform to identify key usability issues and areas for improvement.

  2. Design System Development: Utilized Figma to develop a comprehensive design system that introduced consistency and clarity to the UI, focusing on discoverability and interaction design.

  3. Rebranding and Visual Refresh: Led the rebranding effort, updating the platform's color scheme and visual elements to convey a more modern and approachable look.

  4. Interface Redesign: Overhauled the entire user interface, prioritizing ease of use and performance to facilitate quicker access to critical information and assets.

  5. Implementation and Testing: Collaborated with the development team to implement the new design, followed by rigorous testing to ensure an enhanced user experience.


Solutions & Key Features

  • Unified Design System: Introduced a cohesive set of UI elements and interaction patterns, particularly for data tables, enhancing navigability and consistency across the platform.

  • Modernized Brand Identity: Refreshed the brand with updated colors and visual elements that reflect a more contemporary and user-friendly image.

  • User-Centric Interface: Redesigned the platform around user needs, significantly improving discoverability and reducing the time needed to locate assets.


Customer Journey Map

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Tools & Techniques

  • Tools Used: Leveraged Figma for UI/UX design, creating a full design system and prototypes for extensive testing and iteration.

  • Techniques: Applied best practices in user experience design, focusing on simplifying complex interactions and ensuring a seamless integration of the new design system.





The redesign and rebranding of CloudEstate were met with widespread acclaim from the user base, notably reducing the time required to find assets by over 50%. This transformation significantly enhanced the platform's usability and performance, solidifying its value to investment funds managing extensive real estate portfolios.



This project underscored the critical role of design in the functionality and success of software platforms, particularly in the complex field of asset management. It highlighted the importance of a methodical approach to design, centered around user needs and system performance.

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