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Enhancing Home-Based Care with Alcove's Digital Solutions

Lead Product Design Consultant


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Project Overview

Consulted for Alcove, a UK-based company specializing in home health monitoring services, to design a comprehensive web service and a smart care phone device. This initiative aimed to support family members and care professionals in monitoring and assisting individuals needing medical support at home, leveraging advanced sensor data and AI-driven insights.


Problem Statement

Post-COVID-19, Alcove faced the challenge of scaling their services to meet increased demand and venture funding. The task was to design a user-friendly web platform and a smart care phone that could simplify complex health data, facilitate effective communication, and integrate AI for proactive care alerts.

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My Process

  1. Conceptualization and Design: Led the development of a web service that translates sensor-driven data into intuitive dashboards for family members and care professionals, integrating AI to provide meaningful alerts and warnings.

  2. Care Phone Design: Spearheaded the design of a smart tablet device tailored for elderly users, focusing on ease of use and accessibility to enable remote communication and emergency alerts.

  3. User Research and Testing: Conducted extensive research on the target user group's interaction with digital technology to inform the design of both the web platform and the care phone.

  4. Collaboration and Iteration: Worked closely with software developers, care professionals, and end-users to refine the features and usability of both solutions, ensuring they meet the needs of all stakeholders.


Solutions & Key Features

  • Intuitive Web Service: A powerful platform offering easy-to-understand dashboards for monitoring health and activity, designed to support both family members and professional caregivers.

  • AI-Driven Alerts: Integration of an Alcove AI system to analyze behavior and activity data, enabling timely alerts for potential health concerns or emergencies.

  • Care Phone Device: A specially designed smart tablet that facilitates easy video communication with family, caregivers, and doctors, and provides a simple interface for users to signal for help.

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Clinician Driven
Heath Data Analysis

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Tools & Techniques

  • Tools Used: Utilized design software such as Figma for UI/UX design, and engaged in user experience research tools to gather insights into elderly users' interactions with technology.

  • Techniques: Employed a user-centered design approach, focusing on simplicity, accessibility, and the specific needs of the elderly and their caregivers. Agile development methodologies were applied to facilitate rapid prototyping and iterative feedback loops.

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The launch of the new web platform and care phone significantly enhanced Alcove's service offering, leading to notable awards and recognition by the health department in the United Kingdom. These innovations have positioned Alcove to further expand and refine its services for individuals wishing to receive care in the comfort of their homes.



This project underscored the importance of designing with empathy and understanding, especially when creating technology for vulnerable populations. It highlighted the potential of digital health solutions to improve quality of life and the critical role of clear, accessible design in facilitating care.

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